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Bluetooth issue of Garmin connect – Garmin is one of the finest devices you can welcome in your life. In addition, the advanced features for tracking are offered. Moreover, you are allowed to share your trips. Usually, customization is not given but, in Garmin connect it is. The features of the gadget are countless.

Bluetooth issue of Garmin connect

Bluetooth aspect is much more attractive. In addition, smooth functioning with the Bluetooth makes it more appealing. However, Bluetooth issue of Garmin connect may take place. This will happen once in a while. But, also, there are small steps to fix it with Garmin Support.

Fix Bluetooth Pairing Issue

If you love traveling alone, you don’t need to be dependent. Also, the requirement of the street signs is not necessary. Garmin works perfectly for your guidance. Especially, if you are crazy about exploring a new destination. Most importantly, you can catch Garmin as your favorite partner. The Bluetooth issue of Garmin connect has simple steps to do to fix.

Major Steps to Follow

  • Firstly, download the latest version of Garmin.
  • Secondly, eliminate the google play services.
  • Add the Huawei phone with Garmin and let the sync complete.
  • Open Garmin connect the phone and skip the setup step.
  • In the Garmin device, go to sync devices.
  • Pair by clicking the device name.
  • Put the display code.
  • Lastly, start the google play services.

Above all, are the points to fix the issues. However, you can connect to the Garmin device easily. Hassle-free services are offered as well. In case, your problem isn’t solved, connect at The technician will help you regarding this.

How to Manage Pairing Failures

Bluetooth visibility

Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on. Also, make sure that your device isn’t far. Mark the range and bring it closer.

Power Off and On’

If there is no way you can find to fix the problem. Turn your device off and later switch it on. Moreover, restart it if option appears. However, it is one of the most common ways. With this, the pairing problems disappear most of the time.


Delete the device from the discovered devices. Later, rediscover. Most importantly, keep two devices close. As a result of rediscovering, the problem may get the fixing path. This is how you can fix the Bluetooth issue of Garmin connect.


Endure that your both the devices are charged. Therefore, if the charging is low, it will create problem to connect.

Wifi router

Get away from the Wi-fi router. This may get connect automatically. Additionally, this is could be the reason for not pairing. While doing the steps, stay away from the Wi-fi router. If still, any problem is taking place, connect at

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Above all, are the frequently asked questions by the users. A technician team is present 24/7. However, you can get the assistance at Also, you can ask for information. It is a wise choice for a better understanding. In addition, broader vision perspective is given.

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